two definitions of 'cyclic'? 
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 two definitions of 'cyclic'?

When discussing cyclical structures, I can see 2 different possible
with respect to the update function.
Consider the following mutually recursive definitions:

a = (b,3)  -- tuple with first element b, second element 3
b = (a,4)

Now suppose you want to update the first element of b by replacing a
a variant of a:
[Note: replacefirst (x,y) z      is defined to be    (z,y)]

c = replacefirst b (replacesecond a 5)
so c is
  ((b,5),4) == (((a,4),5),4) == ((((b,3),4),5),4)

However, a person working with graph structures would like to
be able to produce the effect of this:
a' = (b',5)
b' = (a',4)
c = Update a b == b'

This requires a different type of cyclic structure than the other one
(doesn't it?).  Instead of interpreting the mutual recursion as an
structure, it would be a finite looping structure.

How would you go about defining such a function as Update (and the
structures it operates on) in a pure lazy language?

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