survey: functional languages and GUI's 
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 survey: functional languages and GUI's

I am conducting a field survey in the area of "the interfacing of
pure functional languages to graphical user interfaces". I would be
interested to hear from anyone who is currently working in this
area. I already know of:

        - the Fudgets system (from Chalmers),
        - the Concurrent Clean IO system (from Nijmegen),
        - the Yale Haskell X Interface,
        - Duncan Sinclair (Tcl and Tk with Haskell),

I am also aware of some previous work:

        - Andrew Dwelly (Graphical Dialogue Combinators),
        - Satnam Singh (Miranda <-> XView/X11),
        - Sandra Foubister, Colin Runciman (LML <-> MGR),

If you are currently doing research in this area, I would appreciate it
a brief mail message containing a summary of what you are currently
working on. Also, if I have missed any important previous work...

I will post a summary of the replies in due course.

Thanks in advance for your time,


Mon, 04 Dec 1995 00:32:24 GMT  
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