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                              CALL FOR PAPERS

Fifth International Conference on                    June 16-18, 1993
Rewriting Techniques and Applications                Montreal Canada

   The fifth bi-annual Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications will
be held in Montreal, Canada on June 16-18, 1993.  Papers are being solicited in
any of the following or related areas:

Term rewriting systems                      Symbolic and algebraic computation
Constrained rewriting and theorem proving   Equational programming languages
Graph rewriting and grammars                Completion procedures
Rewrite-based theorem proving               Unification and matching algorithms
Lambda and combinatory calculi              Constraint solving
Parallel rewriting, solving and completion  Term-based architectures

Original papers, as well as technical expository ones, are solicited.
Descriptions of new working systems (4 proceedings pages) and problem sets that
provide realistic, interesting challenges in the field of rewriting techniques
and constraint solving can be also presented.  The title page of the submission
should include author's name, address, and phone number, as well as electronic
address and fax number, if available.  Papers must be unpublished and not
submitted for publication elsewhere.  Late papers and papers that require major
revision, including submissions that are too long, will be rejected.  Each
submission should include 6 (six) copies of a full draft paper of no more than
15 (fif{*filter*}) double-spaced pages.  (If a copier is unavailable to the author,
one copy will suffice.)

   Submissions must reach the program chair, at the address below, no later
than December 10, 1992. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be made by
February 15, 1993.  Camera-ready copy (following special guidelines) will be
due by April 2, 1993.

Organizing Committee:
 R. Book (Santa Barbara) N. Dershowitz (Urbana)   J. Gallier (Philadelphia)
 D. Kapur (Albany)       C. Kirchner (Nancy)      K. Madlener (Kaiserslautern)
 P. Lescanne (Nancy)     D. Plaisted (Chapel Hill)

Program Chair:
 Claude Kirchner, RTA-93
 INRIA Lorraine & CRIN                      telephone: (33) 83 59 30 11
 Campus scientifique                        fax: (33) 83 27 83 19

 54602 Villers-les-Nancy Cedex, France

Program Committee:
 H. Comon (Orsay)            B. Courcelle (Bordeaux) H. Ganzinger (Saarbrucken)
 J. Hsiang (Stony Brook)     C. Kirchner (Nancy)     J.-W. Klop (Amsterdam)
 K. Madlener (Kaiserslautern)P. Narendran (Albany)   M. O'Donnell (Chicago)      
 M. Okada (Montreal)         L. Pacholski (Wroclaw)  M. Rusinowitch (Nancy)
 M. Stickel (Menlo Park)

Local Arrangements Chair:
 Mitsuhiro Okada, RTA-93
 Department of Computer Science
 Concordia University                       telephone: (1) (514) 848 30 48
 H3G1M8 Montreal Quebec                     fax: (1) (514) 848 28 30

Previous meetings were held in Dijon (1985), Bordeaux (1987), Chapel Hill
(1989), Como (1991); their proceedings were published by Springer-Verlag as
part of their Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.
                Claude Kirchner

                INRIA Lorraine & CRIN
                Campus scientifique
                615, rue du Jardin Botanique
                54602 Villers-les-Nancy CEDEX

                Tel:       (33) 83 59 30 11
                Fax inria: (33) 83 27 83 19

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