Functional Programming Research Positions at Yale 
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 Functional Programming Research Positions at Yale


                          Yale Haskell Group
                    Department of Computer Science
                           Yale University

Are you a believer in functional languages?  We are looking for
several full-time researchers to help us bring functional programming
into the real world.  Our group is currently doing work in many
different areas: domain-specific languages, robotics, vision, control
systems, graphics and animation, security, simulation, concurrency,
and other areas where functional languages can have an impact.  The
selected candidates will collaborate with other groups, both at Yale
and outside of Yale, and apply functional programming in novel ways in
a diverse set of projects.

Candidates should be familiar with either Haskell (preferred) or ML.
Most programming will be done in Haskell, with small amounts of C,
C++, or Java on occasion.  While we are not looking for any specific
background other than FP, experience in some of the following
additional areas is desired: component technology, Java/C/C++,
robotics, type systems, and compilers for functional languages.  Most
importantly, we are looking for highly creative people with a love for
functional programming.  These research positions exist at several
levels, so candidates with BS, MS, and PhD degrees will be considered.
Starting salary will be commensurate with expertise and experience.
Qualified women and minority candidates are encouraged to apply.  Yale
is an affirmative actions/equal opportunity employer.

Interested individuals should contact John Peterson

Curriculum Vitae with at least three references.

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