Fokker's jpeg gofer code to haskell? 
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 Fokker's jpeg gofer code to haskell?

How would I go about converting some gofer code to haskell? The code
i'm interested in is in the paper:

 Jeroen Fokker, Functional Specification of the JPEG algorithm, and an
 Implementation for Free.  In: Programming Paradigms in Graphics,
 Proceedings of the Eurographics workshop in Maastricht, the Netherlands,
 september 1995. (R.C. Veltkamp and E.H.Blake, eds). Wien, Springer 1995,
 pp. 102-120.  

and is avaiable at:

I've made some progress defining undefined utility functions (by pasting
them in from the gofer prelude and lib files), replacing the monad
constructor "result" with "return", and fixing a name clash "lookup"; but
now I'm stuck: something with the ST monad and StFun.


John Atwood

Sun, 22 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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