Functional language for Quantum Computing 
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 Functional language for Quantum Computing

This paper may be of interest for some readers of this newsgroup.  It
develops a functional language with linear types for expressing
algorithms in Quantum Computation.  Section 7 has some examples of
algorithms expressed in this language:

"A Lambda Calculus for Quantum Computation", Andre van Tonder


Abstract: The classical lambda calculus may be regarded both as a
programming language and as a formal algebraic system for reasoning
about computation. It provides a computational model equivalent to the
Turing machine, and continues to be of enormous benefit in the
classical theory of computation. We propose that quantum computation,
like its classical counterpart, may benefit from a version of the
lambda calculus suitable for expressing and reasoning about quantum
algorithms. In this paper we develop a quantum lambda calculus as an
alternative model of quantum computation, which combines some of the
benefits of both the quantum Turing machine and the quantum circuit
models. The calculus turns out to be closely related to the linear
lambda calculi used in the study of Linear Logic. We set up a
computational model and an equational proof system for this calculus,
and we argue that it is equivalent to the quantum Turing machine.

Andre v.T.

Sat, 07 Jan 2006 10:31:46 GMT  
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