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 Automatic conversion

One of the factors that contributed to the sucess of structured
programming was, perhaps, the fact that a sequence of statements that
used goto could be mechanically converted to a goto-less form that
used sequence, if, and while statements.  That fact was not important
so much because people really wanted such a converter, but just to
assure them that they would not find themselves down a blind alley if
they adopted a structured language. The existence of a conversion
meant that anything anyone else could do, they could do too, and in
more structured way.

Is there a conversion process that can take imperative code and
convert to functional form?

Such a process would be essential to industry if it is to utilize a
functional language because to be competitive a company must preserve
the existing investment in developing imperative software. As a
developer contemplating using functional programming, I have a lot of
doubts about FP that could be resolved with a general mechanism. With
such a mechanism I could figure out how to interface to X-windows, for
example, or how to add an element to either end of a list.

Jonathan Cohen

Sun, 05 Nov 1995 23:13:10 GMT  
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