LFP 94 call for papers 
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 LFP 94 call for papers

                            CALL FOR PAPERS

       1994 ACM Conference on Lisp and Functional Programming
                        Orlando, Florida, USA
                          June 27-29, 1994

The 1994 ACM Conference on Lisp and Functional Programming is the eighth
in a series of biennial conferences devoted to the theory, design, and
implementation of programming languages and systems related to Lisp,
functional programming, and symbolic computation.  The conference is
co-sponsored jointly by ACM SIGPLAN, SIGACT, and SIGART, and will take
place at the Hilton at Walt Disney World Village in Orlando Florida.

Papers presented at the conference must include new ideas or experimental
results that have not previously been published.  Suggested areas for
submissions include [but are not limited to] the following: programming
language concepts and facilities; implementation methods; garbage collection;
semantic foundations; programming logics; program development environments,
and their interaction with language design; and topics such as persistence,
distributed computation, and architectural support taken in the context of
Lisp and functional programming.  Beyond these areas, authors are strongly
encouraged to submit papers that introduce important new topics that are
relevant to functional programming and symbolic computation.  Papers
describing actual application of theoretical results, or that contain a
mixture of theory and application are strongly encouraged.

Authors should submit 14 copies of a full conference paper to the program
chair at the address below.  The length of the paper should not exceed 12
pages typeset 11 point on 16 point spacing.  The paper should include a
clear summary that identifies what has been accomplished, and explains why
it is significant and the relation with previous work.  Papers will be
judged on relevance, clarity, correctness, originality and significance.
Overly simplified abstracts that only indicate which results are to appear
in the final paper are strongly discouraged.  To facilitate interaction
between authors and the program committee, the following information, for
each paper submitted, should be sent by electronic mail to

affiliation, postal address, and electronic mail address.

Submissions must be received by Nov 30 1993.  Authors will be notified of
acceptance or rejection of their papers by Jan 31 1994.  Final versions of
accepted papers must be received in camera-ready form by March 7 1994.
Authors of accepted papers will be required to sign ACM copyright release
forms.  Proceedings will be distributed at the conference and will be later
available for purchase from ACM.  They will also appear as a special issue
of Lisp Pointers.

Conference Chair

Robert R. Kessler
University of Utah
Department of Computer Science
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

fax: (801)581-5843
tel: (801)581-5017

Program Chair

Carolyn L. Talcott
Attn: LFP 94
Department of Computer Science
Stanford University
Stanford CA 94305

tel: (415)-723-0936
fax: (415)-725-7411

Program Committee                                              

Henry Baker,  Nimble Computer Corp., USA

Fri, 12 Jan 1996 18:20:59 GMT  
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