references wanted for type inference with overloading 
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 references wanted for type inference with overloading

I'm attempting to design a language with type inference in the style
of Damas and Milner, but I find I wish to include an implicit
A term   e of type integer  may either stand for itself, or it may
stand for the term  CONST e  of type expression.

I see some connection with overloading, in that I could wrap every
term in an invisible cvt function, where cvt is overloaded to
  cvt : forall 'a . 'a -> 'a
  cvt : int -> exp

I know that Standard ML compilers combine Algorithm W (for type
inference) with a fixed set of overloaded operators, and I know that
Haskell has a more disciplined mechanism to support overloading, but I
don't know any details.

Does anybody know where I can read about implementing Algorithm W in
the presence of overloading?
(I have already implemented standard Algorithm W.)

Norman Ramsey

Sun, 12 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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