Last Chance for VL 98! 
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 Last Chance for VL 98!

VL 98 is only about two weeks away!!  There are various seat sales that
cover the conference period, but the booking deadlines are very close,
so you should contact your travel agent immediately.  From most places
within the US you should be able to get a fare of approximately $500 US
or less.  Many fares from overseas are also currently discounted.  If
your travel agent has difficulties please feel free to contact me and I
can investigate things at this end.

Note that a Canadian dollar currently costs about 66 cents US, which
puts the conference hotel at less than $80 US per night.  Also, we're
extending the deadline for early registrations (only on-site
registrations will be charged the late registration rate).  The fee for
IEEE/CS members works out to less than $315 US!

More information, including registration and hotel booking forms, is
available at:   http://www.*-*-*.com/

Demos, both of academic research systems and commercial products, are
invited from all registered participants.  Just e-mail me and space will
be reserved for you at no additional cost (demonstrators must bring
their own equipment).

VL98 is the premiere international conference on visual computer
languages. The aim of this symposium is to bring together researchers
and industrial professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds to
present and discuss their ongoing work on visual communication with
computers. We are interested in visual computer languages in the broad
sense of the term, ranging from high-level graphical tools for
programming professionals, to graphical database query languages, to
languages for children to create simulation environments. In past years
attendees have come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including
human-computer interaction, programming languages theory and practice,
psychology of programmers, computer-aided design, multimedia, database
systems, geographical information systems, software engineering, and
computer science education. We also draw participants from both industry
and academia, including students as well as professionals. This year we
are particularly interested in increasing attendance from the human
psychology community, including human computer interaction, empirical
studies (qualitative as well as quantitative), psychology of
programmers, and related fields.

*********  Advance Program  ************

Tuesday 9/1
    0830 - 1200     Tutorial 1
   Dorothea Blostein and Andy Schurr: Visual Modeling
       and Programming with Graph Transformations

    1200 - 1330     Lunch

    1330 - 1700     Tutorial 2
   Margaret Burnett and Rebecca Walpole Djang:
       Introduction to Visual Programming Languages:
       Scaling-Up Issues

    1800 - 2100     Reception

Wednesday 9/2
    0900 - 0920     Welcome

    0920 - 1020     Keynote #1 -- Dave Thomas
      Object Technology International
      Visual Application Development -
           Lessons From The IBM VisualAge Experience

    1020 - 1040     Coffee Break

    1040 - 1140     Visual Language Theory [ Paper Session 1 ]
   Error Recovery in Parsing Relational Languages
    A.-P. Tuovinen
   On the  Specification of Dynamic Visual
    P. Bottoni, S.-K. Chang, M.F. Costabile,
    S. Levialdi and P. Mussio
   Visualization of Compile Time Errors in a
    Java Compatible Visual Language
    C.C. Risley and T.J. Smedley

    1140 - 1220     Graph Issues 1 [ Paper Session 2 ]
   A Graph Rewriting Programming Language for
    Graph Drawing
    P.J. Rodgers
   Graphical Rewrite Rule Analogies: Avoiding
    the Inherit or Copy & Paste
    Reuse Dilemma
    C. Perrone and A. Repenning

    1220 - 1350     Lunch

    1350 - 1430     Graph Issues 2 [ Paper Session 3 ]
   GENGED - A Generic Graphical Editor for
    Visual Languages Based on Algebraic
    Graph Grammars
    R. Bardohl
   Network Diagram Layout Generation by
    Competitive Learning
    B. Meyer

    1430 - 1450     Coffee Break

    1450 - 1550     Poster Presentations
   (2.5 minutes each)
   A Visual Language System for Developing
    and Presenting Internet-Based
    J.D. Campbell and D.E. Mahling
   An Iconic Environment for the Definition
    of Visual DBMSs
    M. Sebillo and G. Tortora and
    G. Vitiello
   Automatically Generating Environments for
    Dynamic Diagram Layouts
    M. Minas
   Concurrent Visual Programming Language
    Based on Petri Nets
    M. Usher and D. Jackson
   Extensibility in a Visual Language for
    Web-Based Interpersonal Communication
    S.L. Tanimoto and C.E. Bernardelli
   Extensible Interpreters for Experimentation
    with the Semantics of Prograph
    D. DeRoure and S. Maclean
   Imitation: An Alternative to Generalization
    in Programming by Demonstration
    A. Michail
   Implementing and Testing New Programming
    Constructs in a Data Flow VL
    E. Ghittori and M. Mosconi and M. Porta
   Programming Web-Based Applications Within
    a Data-Flow VL
    R. Idini and M. Mosconi and M. Porta
   Visual Programming in a Distributed
    F. Capobianco and M. Mosconi
   Integrity Constraints in the Multi-Paradigm
    Language PROGRES
    M. Munch and A. Schurr and A. Winter
   Montages/Gem-Mex: A Meta Visual Programming
    M. Anlauff and P.W. Kutter
    and A. Pierantonio
   Object-Oriented Visual Language Grammar and
    its Parsing Algorithm
    K.-A. Kim and K. Lee
   On the Design of a Generic Visual Programming
    D.-Q. Zhang and K. Zhang
   Optimizing Cut-and-Paste on Directed Graphs,
    with a User-Controlled Edge
    Reconstruction Strategy
    B. Ibrahim
   SoftBean Composer: A Visual Environment for
    Component Assembly
    G. Wang
   VIPspace - A Visually Programmable Shared
    M. Duecker, W. Mueller and J. Rubart
   Visual Semantics - Or: What You See is What
    You Compute
    M. Erwig

    1550 - 1610     COffee Break

    1610 - 1650     The Web & Browsers [ Paper Session 4 ]
   Public Programming in a Web World
    A. Ambler and J. Leopold
   Situation-Dependent Browser to Explore the
    Information Space
    M. Hirakawa and P. Hewagamage and
    T. Ichikawa

    1800 - 2100     Showcase / Industry Demo / Poster Display

Thursday 9/3
    0900 - 1000     Declarative Languages [ Paper Session 5 ]
   Fluid Visualization for Spreadsheet
    T. Igarashi and J.D. Mackinlay and
    B-W. Chang and P.T. Zellweger
   Implementing Level 4 Liveness in Declarative
    Visual Programming Languages
    M.M. Burnett and J.W. Atwood, Jr
    and Z.T. Welch
   Similarity Inheritance: A New Model of
    Inheritance for Spreadsheet VPLs
    R. W. Djang and M. M. Burnett

    1000 - 1040     Parallel & Distributed Systems [ Paper Session 6 ]
   A Visual Development Environment for
    Parallel Applications
    P.T. Cox and S. Maclean and H. Glaser
   Dvispatch: A Visual Language with Distributed
    K. Miyamoto and Y. Harada

    1040 - 1100     Coffee Break

    1100 - 1140     Visual Querying [ Paper Session 7 ]
   VIQING: Visual Interactive QueryING
    C. Olston and M. Stonebraker and
    A. Aiken and J.M. Hellerstein
   VISCO: Bringing Spatial Querying to Reality
    M. Wessel and V. Haarslev

    1140 - 1330     Lunch

    1330 - 1430     Visual Languages 1 [ Paper Session 8 ]
   Iconic System with Extension Mechanism
    S. Yamaguchi and M. Tanaka and
    S. Morita
   Principles to Scaffold Mixed Textual and
    Iconic End-User Programming Languages
    C. Rader and G. Cherry and C. Brand
    and A. Repenning and C. Lewis
   VisPro: A Visual Language Generation Toolset
    D.-Q. Zhang and K. Zhang

    1430 - 1450     Coffee Break

    1450 - 1550     Robots & Psychology [ Paper Session 9 ]
   Case Study: Developing a Rule-Based Language
    for Mobile Robots
    J.J. Pfeiffer
   Hank: A Friendly Cognitive Modelling Language
    for Psychology Students
    P. Mulholland and S. Watt
   Visual Programming for Robot Control
    P.T. Cox and T.J. Smedley

    1550 - 1600     Break to prepare for trip

    1600 - 2100     Trip/Banquet

Friday 9/4
    0900 - 0930     Program Committee Meeting

    0930 - 1030     Keynote #2 -- Susan Wiedenbeck
      University of Nebraska
      Human Factors Evaluation in Language Design

    1030 - 1050     Coffee Break

    1050 - 1150     Complex Visualizations [ Paper Session 10 ]
   SAM - An Animated 3D Programming Language
    C. Geiger and W. Mueller and W. Rosenbach
   Visual Specification of Multi-View Visual
    J.C. Grundy and W.B. Mugridge
    and J.G. Hosking
   Visualizing Complex Control Flow
    M.A.E. Beaumont and D. Jackson

    1150 - 1320     Lunch

    1320 - 1420     Visual Languages 2 [ Paper Session 11 ]
   A Model for Object Representation and
    Manipulation in a Visual Design
    P.T. Cox and T.J. Smedley
   Diagrammatic Representation of Data Types
    and Data Manipulations in a Combined
    Data- and Control-Flow Language
    B. Ibrahim
   Visual Patterns + Multi-Focus Fisheye View:
    An Automatic Scalable Visualization
    Technique of Data-Flow Visual Program
    B. Shizuki and M. Toyoda and
    E. Shibayama and S. Takahashi

    1420 - 1440     Coffee Break

    1440 - 1540     Multimedia Systems [ Paper Session 12 ]
   Multimedia Workshop: Exploring the Benefits
    of a Visual Scripting Language
    A.M. Winn and T.J. Smedley
   The Whiteboard Environment: An Electronic
    Sketchpad for Data Structure Design
    and Algorithm Description
    D.R. Brown and B.T. Vander Zanden
   Visual Tools for a Multimedia IC Development
    Environment (MICE)
    T. Arndt and S.-K. Chang and
    A. Guercio

    1540 - 1630     Closing & Awards

*********  Technical Committee  ***********

General Chair:
 Genny Tortora, Italy
Program Co-Chairs:
 David McIntyre, USA
 Trevor Smedley, Canada
Tutorials Chair:
 Joe Pfeiffer, USA

Steering Committee
 S.K. Chang, USA
 Allen Ambler, USA
 Tadao Ichikawa, Italy
 Erland Jungert, Sweden
 Robert Korfhage, USA
 Stefano Levialdi, Italy
 Steven Tanimoto, USA

Program Committee
 Meera Blattner, USA
 Margaret Burnett, USA
 Wayne Citrin, USA
 Francesca Costabile, Italy
 Philip T. Cox, Canada
 Isabel Cruz, USA
 Alberto Del {*filter*}, Italy
 Stephen Eick, USA
 Thomas Green, United Kingdom
 John C. Grundy, New Zealand
 Volker Haarslev, Germany
 Masahito Hirakawa, Japan
 Hans-Jurgen Hoffmann, Germany
 Chris Holt, United Kingdom
 John Hosking, New Zealand
 Dan Kimura, USA
 Kim Marriott, Australia
 Satoshi Matsuoka, Japan
 Paul Mulholland, United Kingdom
 Piero Mussio, Italy
 Marc Najork, USA
 Alex Repenning, USA
 Andy Schuerr, Germany
 John Stasko, USA
 Susan M. Uskudarli, USA
 Susan Weidenbeck, USA
 Kang Zhang, Australia

Trevor J. Smedley                                Faculty of Computer


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