PhD Studentship: Parallel Functional Programming 
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 PhD Studentship: Parallel Functional Programming

[Please could you bring this to the attention of anyone who might be interested.
 Thanks, Kevin]

EPSRC PhD Studentship: Parallel Functional Programming

Applications are invited for a project studentship attached to EPSRC
grant GR/L 93379 "Granularity Analysis for Parallel Functional Programs"
commencing in September 1998.

The studentship covers fees and maintenance for 3 years
PhD study in the Division of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews
as part of the functional programming group under the supervision of Dr
Kevin Hammond
( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~kh).  The studentship may be awarded to either UK
or EC nationals in accordance with standard regulations.

The project to which the studentship is attached aims to develop recent research
undertaken by myself and Hans-Wolfgang Loidl as part of a larger
collaborative setting (GranSim, GUM and Glasgow Parallel Haskell).
Further details of the project may be found at

        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~kh/research/gran-anal-grant.html

The division of Computer Science at St Andrews University also has a number of
quota PhD studentships available for the next academic year.  These are
to UK nationals with a good first degree (first-class or upper-second honours)
and are tenable for 3 years' study as above.  These studentships may be held
in any area of functional programming under the supervision of either
Kevin Hammond
or Tony Davie, or in any other research field in which the division is
active, viz:

        persistent programming, computer algebra, distributed systems,
        neural networks, automated theorem proving etc.

Applications for any of the studentships should be made on our standard

I will be happy to answer email enquiries by potential applicants for the
functional programming positions.  General information about the Computer
division can be found at


If you've never been to St Andrews, you may like to check the town out.
The IFL '97 home page (which we hosted last September) contains a number of
links to photographs, tourist information etc.

        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~ifl97/


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