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 SIPL annotated bibliography

Dear colleagues:

As part of my preparation for the SIPL (State in Programming
Languages) Workshop in Copenhagen (between FPCA and PEPM), I
would like to put together an ANNOTATED bibliography of papers
dealing with the basic issue of "how to add state to a functional
language" (this would include things such as linear type systems;
monadic, continuation-based, or stream-based ideas; typing of
references; I/O; etc.)

If you have published a paper that you think falls into one of
these categories and you would like to see it included in the
bibliography (to be handed out at the workshop), please send
me a .bib entry that includes a NOTE field containing a short
abstract summarizing the paper (please avoid "I's" and "we's").
An example of the kind of .bib entry that I need is given below,
and demonstrates that you can cross-reference papers in the NOTE
field if you'd like.  I need your entry by May 31st if you want
to be sure it will be included (sorry for the short notice!).


  -Paul Hudak

Professor Paul Hudak
Department of Computer Science
Yale University
New Haven, CT 06520
(203) 432-4715

Sample .bib entry:

  author =      "Odersky, M. and Rabin, D. and Hudak, P.",
  title =       "Call-by-name, Assignment, and the Lambda Calculus",
  booktitle =   {Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual {ACM} Symposium
                 on Principles of Programming Languages, Charleston,
                 South Carolina},
  pages =       "43-57",
  year =        "1993",
  month =       "January",
  note = "Defines an extension of the call-by-name lambda calculus with
  additional constructs and reduction rules that represent mutable
  variables and assignments.  The extended calculus has neither a concept
  of an explicit store nor a concept of evaluation order; nevertheless,
  it is shown that programs in the calculus can be implemented using a
  single-threaded store.  Furthermore, the new calculus preserves the
  Church-Rosser property and is a conservative extension of
  classical lambda calculus with respect to operational equivalence;
  that is, all algebraic laws of the functional subset are preserved."


  author =      "Martin Odersky and Dan Rabin",
  title =       "The Unexpurgated Call-by-name, Assignment, and the
                 Lambda-Calculus, Revised Report",
  institution =         "Department of Computer Science, Yale
  year =        "1993",
  type =        "Research Report",
  number =      "YALEU/DCS/RR-930",
  address =     "New Haven, Connecticut",
  month =       "May",
  note =        "Elaboration on \cite{orh:assignment}."

Sat, 11 Nov 1995 16:45:24 GMT  
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