IMSA '92 Call for Papers 
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 IMSA '92 Call for Papers

                            CALL FOR PAPERS

                  IMSA'92[*] INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON

                       Tokyo, November 4-7, 1992


      Over the last 10 years, Reflection and Meta-Level Architectures
      have attracted the attention of researchers throughout computer
      science.  Reflective and meta-level techniques have now matured
      to the point where they are being used to address real-world
      problems in the design and implementation of languages and
      systems.  This workshop is intended both as a forum for
      presenting current research results in these areas, and as an
      opportunity to review and synthesize the results of this decade
      of research, with the aim of delivering these techniques to the
      the community at large.  In addition to paper presentations,
      time will be reserved for intensive discussions on topics
      ranging from conceptual foundations to practical applications.
      Papers will be accepted on topics including, but not limited
      to, the following:

         * the design and analysis of meta-level programming languages
         * reflection and meta-level design in object-oriented systems
         * experience with reflection in practical settings
         * the design and use of metaobject protocols
         * performance issues in the use of reflective techniques
         * meta-level techniques and software methodology
         * theoretical foundations

      Papers will be reviewed by the program committee; acceptance
      will be based on depth, quality, relevance, scope--and on the
      degree to which they focus on the workshop goal of communicating
      to the computer science community at large.  Accepted papers
      will be published in the workshop proceedings.

    Paper Submission:

      Five physical copies of an extended abstract (5000 words maximum)
      of an original manuscript should be submitted, no later than May
      15, 1992, to either of:

         Akinori Yonezawa                  Brian Cantwell Smith
         Dept. of Information Science      Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
         Faculty of Science                3333 Coyote Hill Road
         The University of Tokyo           Palo Alto, California 94304
         Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo           United States of America
         Japan, 113

    Important Dates:

         Extended abstract submission  -- May 15, 1992
         Notification of acceptance    -- July 31, 1992
         Full paper, camera-ready copy -- September 15, 1992

    Post-Workshop Book Publication:  

      An addition to the proceedings, a book will be published after
      the workshop consisting of those papers that are of the highest
      technical and/or tutorial significance, and that best represent
      the current state of the art.

    Program Co-Chairs:  Akinori Yonezawa     (Univ. Tokyo)
                        Brian Cantwell Smith (Xerox PARC)

    Program Committee:  John Batali          (U. California, San Diego)
                        Daniel Bobrow        (Xerox PARC)
                        Pierre Cointe        (Rank Xerox)
                        Yutaka Ishikawa      (Electrotechnical Laboratories)
                        Dan Friedman         (Indiana Univ.)                
                        Gregor Kiczales      (Xerox PARC)
                        Satoshi Matsuoka     (Univ. Tokyo)
                        Mario Tokoro         (Keio Univ.)

    Workshop Advisors:  Hal Abelson          (M.I.T.)
                        Peter Deutsch        (Sun Microsystems Labs)

    Sponsor:  Research Institute of Software Engineering (RISE), Japan

    Cooperation: ACM Sigplan (under negotiation)
                 Japanese Society of Software Science Technology

[*] International Symposium and Workshop on New Models for Software
Architecture, a RISE Symposium/workshop series.

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