*** sml_tk Release 2.1 *** 
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 *** sml_tk Release 2.1 ***

We happily announce the release of sml_tk, Release 2.1.

sml_tk is a Standard ML package providing a portable, typed and abstract
interface to the user interface description and command language Tcl/Tk. It
allows the implementation of graphical user interfaces in a structured and
reusable way, supported by the powerful module system of Standard ML.

It further contains a library of standard components, including a
collection of frequently used dialogue windows, a file browser, and a highly
generic user interface.

sml_tk has no other hard- or software requirements than the Tk toolkit
(wish 4.0 or higher) and a Standard ML compiler (preferrably, SML/NJ 110).

For the new release 2.1, sml_tk has been ported to SML/NJ 110. There
are now window manager configuration options, datatypes to describe
Events and Fonts, and a generic markup language together with a
generic parser for it to easily generate annotated texts
("hypertexts"), and much more.

For more information, and to obtain sml_tk, please point your web
browser to the sml_tk homepage at

        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~cxl/sml_tk

Christoph Lueth
Stefan Westmeier
Burkhart Wolff

sml_tk (C) 1996-99, Bremen Institute for Safe Systems.

Sat, 11 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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