Overloading in gofer 
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 Overloading in gofer

I have a problem with overloading in gofer, which I hope someone might
be able to help me with. I wish to define a type class C, with a
predicate f, whose default value is false. I then wish to include the
data type of sets in this class. My script looks like:

class C a where
  f:: a -> Bool
  f x = False

data Set a = Set [a]

instance C (Set a)

This works ok e.g.

? f (Set [1])
(2 reductions, 13 cells)
? f (Set ["hello", "world"])
(2 reductions, 17 cells)

However, it doesn't work if I apply f to the empty set:

? f (Set [])
ERROR: Unresolved overloading
*** type        : C (Set a) => Bool
*** translation : f (Set [])

I appreciate that I can fix this by explicitly stating the type of the
set, but for my application this won't always be possible.

Hence, can anyone suggest a way round this problem of empty sets,
other than explicit typing?




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