Advance Program PEPM'92 
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 Advance Program PEPM'92

                           ADVANCE PROGRAM

                       Workshop on Partial Evaluation

                and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation

                June 19-20, 1992, Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, CA, USA

                       (between SIGPLAN PLDI'92 and LFP'92)

                  Sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Group SIGPLAN.

This workshop continues the momentum brought by PEPM'91. Its goal is
to investigate the principles and applications of manipulating
programs based on their semantics. The PEPM'92 proceedings will be
available as a Yale technicalreport.

Friday, June 19th

2:00-3:30 Session1: Chaired by Timothy Hickey, Brandeis University

"Speedup Analysis in Partial Evaluation: Preliminary Results" L. O. Andersen and
 C. K. Gomard, University of Copenhagen

"Predicting Properties of Residual Programs" K. Malmkjaer, Kansas State

3:50-5:50 Session2: Chaired by Olivier Danvy, Kansas State University

"Semantical Interprocedural Analysis by Partial Symbolic Evaluation"  
 B. Dehbonei and P. Jouvelot, Bull CRC, Ecole des Mines

"A Polyvariant Binding Time Analysis" B. Rytz and M. Gengler, Swiss Federal
 Institute of Technology

"Towards a New Perspective on Partial Evaluation" M. Katz and D. Weise,
 Stanford University

Saturday, June 20th

9:00-10:20 Session3: Chaired by Daniel Weise, Stanford University

"Fully Lazy Higher-Order Removal" W.-N. Chin, National University of Singapore

"Call Unfolding Strategies for Equational Logic Programs" D. Sherman and
 R. Strandh, Universite de Bordeaux-1

10:50-12:10 Session4: Chaired by Fritz Henglein, University of Copenhagen

"Self-applicable C Program Specialization" L. O. Andersen, University of

"A Programming Environment for Binding-Time Based Partial Evaluators"
 C. Consel and S. Pai, Yale University

1:00-3:10 Session5: Chaired by Paul Hudak Yale University
"Improving the Accuracy of Higher-Order Specialization using Control Flow
 Analysis" E. Ruf and D. Weise, Stanford University

"A Suite of Optimizers Based on Abstract Interpretation" T. E. Cheatham and
 D. Stephanescu, Harvard University

"Towards Efficient Compilation of a Dynamic Object-Oriented Language"
 S. Harnett and M. Montenyohl, University of Southwestern Louisiana

3:30-6:10 Session6: Chaired by Arun Lakhotia, University of Southwestern

"Program Transformation by Derivor Manipulations" C. T. P. Burton,
 University of London

"A Simple Rewriting Semanticsfor Realistic Imperative Programs and its
 Application to Program Analysis" J. Field, IBM,T. J. Watson Research Center

"A Framework for Mechanizing Logic Program Transformation: The Synthesis of
 Eureka-Properties"  K. Bsaies, CNRS and INRIA-Lorraine

"Self-applicable Partial Evaluation for Pure Lambda Calculus" T. Mogensen,
 University of Copenhagen

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