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We would like to announce the availability of the following technical
report.  Directions for obtaining the report via anonymous ftp appear
at the end of this message.  Note that the report has been published
jointly as Carnegie Mellon Technical Report CMU-CS-92-155 and
Princeton Technical Report 376-92.

                 A Portable Multiprocessor Interface
                     Standard ML of New Jersey

        J. Gregory Morrisett                 Andrew Tolmach


  We have designed a portable interface between shared-memory multiprocessors
  and Standard ML of New Jersey. The interface is based on the conventional
  kernel thread model and provides facilities that can be used to implement
  user-level thread packages.  The interface supports experimentation with
  different thread scheduling policies and synchronization constructs.  It
  has been ported to three different multiprocessors and used to construct
  a general purpose, user-level thread package.  In this paper, we discuss
  the interface and its implementation and performance, with emphasis on the
  Silicon Graphics 4D/380S multiprocessor.

   1) Ftp to ( as "anonymous".

   3) Then "cd 1992"  (the directory for 1992 technical reports)

   4) set file type to binary: "binary"

   5) get

   6) When you have finished getting the file, simply "quit."

Greg Morrisett
Andrew Tolmach

Tue, 17 Jan 1995 00:44:23 GMT  
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