Profiling Lazy Functional Languages 
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 Profiling Lazy Functional Languages

For those interested the profiling ideas that Simon PJ and
myself have developed can be found in a draft paper available
by ftp from glasgow.

This work is closely related to Runciman and Wakeling's recent paper.

Comments etc are greatly appreciaited.

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======================= Abstract Follows =========================

        Profiling Lazy Functional Languages
                Working Paper

        Patrick M Sansom and Simon L Peyton Jones

Profiling tools, which measure and display the dynamic space and time
behaviour of programs, are essential for identifying execution
bottlenecks.  A variety of such tools exist for conventional
languages, but almost none for non-strict functional languages.  There
is a good reason for this: lazy evaluation means that the program is
executed in an order which is not immediately apparent from the source
code, so it is difficult to relate dynamically-gathered statistics
back to the original source.

We present a new technique which solves this problem.  The framework is
general enough to profile both space and time behaviour.  Better still,
it is cheap to implement, and we describe how to do so in the
context of the Spineless Tagless G-machine.

Sun, 20 Nov 1994 20:48:38 GMT  
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