LOPSTR 2003 (Call for registration + programme) 
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 LOPSTR 2003 (Call for registration + programme)

    Call for Participation

LOPSTR (International Symposium on  Logic-based Program Synthesis and
Transformation)  August 25-27, in Uppsala, Sweden.

Early registration deadline is July 30

More info (also the other events of PLI'03)
at http://www.*-*-*.com/

The program:

Monday August 25

  9h00-10h00 ICFP invited talk

  10h30-12h30 Specification and Synthesis
    Predicate synthesis from inductive proof attempt of faulty conjectures.
    Moussa Demba, Khaled Bsa\"{\i}es and Francis Alexandre.

    Specification and Synthesis of Hybrid Automata for Physics-Based
    Thomas Ellman.

    Adding Concrete Syntax to a Prolog-Based Program Synthesis System.
    Bernd Fischer and Eelco Visser.

    Specifying Object-Oriented Systems in Computational Logic.
    Kung-Kiu Lau and Mario Ornaghi.

  14h15-15h45 Verification
    Building Satisfiability Procedures for Verification: The Case Study of
    Sorting Algorithmsm.
    Abdessamad Imine and Silvio Ranise.

    Formal Development and Verification of Approximation Algorithms
    using Auxiliary Variables.
    Rudolf Berghammer and Markus M\"uller-Olm.

    Formal Reasoning About Efficient Data Structures: A Case Study in ACL2.
    Jos-Luis Ruiz-Reina, Jos-Antonio Alonso, Mara-Jos Hidalgo
    and  Francisco-Jess Martn Mateos.

  16h15-17h45 Analysis
    A Program Transformation for Backwards Analysis of Logic Programs.
    John P. Gallagher.

    An Efficient Staging Algorithm for Binding-Time Analysis.
    Takuma Murakami, Zhenjiang Hu, Kazuhiko Kakehi and Masato Takeichi.

    Proving termination with adornments.
    Alexander Serebrenik and Danny De Schreye.

Tuesday August 26

  9h00-10h00 ICFP Invited Talk

  10h30-12h30 Transformation

    Constructively Characterizing Fold and Unfold
    Tjark Weber and James Caldwell.

    Deterministic Second-order Patterns
    Tetsuo Yokoyama, Zhenjiang Hu, and Masato Takeichi.

    From Interpreter to Logic Engine: A Functional Derivation.
    Dariusz Biernacki and Olivier Danvy.

    Linearization by Program Transformation.
    Sandra Alves and  Mrio Florido.

  14h15-15h15 Invited Talk
    Inductive Theorem Proving by Program Specialisation: Generating proofs
    for Isabelle using Ecce
    Michael Leuschel (work with Helko Lehmann)

  15h15-15h45  Specialisation
    Provably Correct Code Generation for High Assurance Systems via Partial
    Evaluation: A Case Study.
    Qian Wang and Gopal Gupta.

Wednesday August 27

  9h00-10h30 Constraints

    Simplification of database integrity constraints revisited:
    A transformational approach.
    Henning Christiansen and  Davide Martinenghi.

    Integration and Optimization of Rule-based Constraint Solvers.
    Slim Abdennadher and Thom Fr\"uhwirth.

    Introducing ESRA, a Relational Language for Modelling
    Combinatorial Problems.
    Pierre Flener, Justin Pearson, and Magnus {\AA}gren.

  11h30-12h30 PLI Invited Talk
    Understanding aspects
    Mitchell Wand

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