PhD in Informatics (AI, CS, CogSci) at Edinburgh 
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 PhD in Informatics (AI, CS, CogSci) at Edinburgh

    PhD degrees in the Division of Informatics
    at the University of Edinburgh

In 1998, the University of Edinburgh established a Division of
Informatics, to study the structure, behaviour and
interactions of both natural and artificial computational systems.
The Division reflects the University's vision of Informatics
as a fundamental area of study, critical for the future developments
in science, engineering, and society. The Division was formed from
the former Departments of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive
Science and Computer Science.

The Division has positions for new research degree students pursing
either an MSc(Research) (one year), an MPhil (two years) or a PhD
(three years) through investigation of open problems in Informatics.

The Division now contains over 75 academic staff, 66 contract researchers
and about 100 research students, grouped primarily into these research

        Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute
        Institute of Computing Systems Architecture
        Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation
        Institute for Communicating and Collaborative Systems
        Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour
        Institute for Representation and Reasoning
        Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science

which reflect the main research themes in the Division:

        adaptive computing
        artificial intelligence
        automated and mathematical reasoning
        cognitive science
        computational complexity
        computational learning theory
        computational linguistics and natural language processing
        computational musicology
        computer-assisted formal reasoning
        computer and network architectures
        computer communications and networks
        computer graphics and virtual reality
        computer science
        computer vision
        database systems
        design and analysis of dependable systems
        diagramatic understanding
        formal program specification
        functional, logic and object-oriented programming
        human-computer interaction
        intelligent tutoring systems
        knowledge representation and reasoning
        knowledge-based systems
        medical informatics
        mobile and assembly robotics
        modular and component-based systems
        neural modelling
        neural networks
        parallel, distributed and concurrent systems
        planning and activity management
        program logics
        programming languages
        qualitative and fuzzy reasoning
        semantics of programming languages
        software engineering
        speech understanding and generation
        system level design and integration
        theory of computation
        type theory

The UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council
has awarded the Division about 10 (typically) full studentships
that can be used by UK and EC students. Overseas students
may be eligible for ORS awards, that pay approximately
half of the total costs.

In general, students should have a good BS/BSc degree (or equivalent)
in an appropriate topic, plus other skills appropriate to the particular
research area.

More information can be found on the Division's PhD WWW page at:


For application forms and further information, write to:

        PhD Admissions Secretary
        Division of Informatics
        University of Edinburgh
        James Clerk Maxwell Building
        King's Buildings
        Mayfield Road
        Edinburgh EH9 3JZ

        Fax:       +44 131 667 7209
        Telephone: +44 131 650 5156

Please contact us if you'd like to come for a visit.

**************** ALSO: MSc Positions Available ****************

We also have three thriving taught MSc courses in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive
Science and Computer Science. For more information, see:

Dr. Robert B. Fisher, Division of Informatics, Univ. of Edinburgh
5 Forrest Hill, Edinburgh EH1 2QL, United Kingdom
+44-(131)-650-3098 (direct line), +44-(131)-650-3090 (secretary)

WWW: http://www.*-*-*.com/

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