Yale Haskell 2.0.5 Now Available 
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 Yale Haskell 2.0.5 Now Available

      Announcing the release of Yale Haskell 2.0.5

We are releasing the latest version of the Yale Haskell system,
Y2.0.5, in source form.  This fixes a number of minor problems in the
2.0.5a release (for Sparc only) and should be relatively bug free.

Yale Haskell can be built from sources using CMU Common Lisp, Lucid
Common Lisp, Allegro Common Lisp, or Harlequin LispWorks.  The system
may also build on akcl but the performance is very poor.

Compiled versions of the system are available for Sparc systems running
SunOS 4.1.2 and Sparc 10's (sun4m) running 4.1.3.  Anyone building a system
using CMU lisp on a different platform should let us know and we will
add more executables to the ftp area.  Look at the README for further

This release features an X window interface.  Using CLX, the full
functionality of X windows has been made available at the Haskell
level.  There is also a Haskell <-> Lisp interface similar to the C
interface in the Glasgow system.

Our system is available for anonymous ftp from the Yale Haskell ftp site:

        Site     Host name              Raw IP address
        Yale     nebula.cs.yale.edu

All files are in the directory pub/haskell/yale.

haskell-source-205.tar.gz   -- The full sources
Compiling from scratch will take an hour or two, depending on system
resources.  The file $HASKELL/com/<your-lisp>/README will contain
complete building instructions.

To obtain Yale Haskell via ftp:

  - Move to the directory where you intend to place Yale Haskell
  - Ftp to nebula and login anonymously
  - cd to pub/haskell/yale
  - Get the tar file: get haskell-source-205.tar.gz (a .Z file is available
    for those without gzip).
  - Unzip the file: (your zip utility may have a different name)
           gzip -d *.gz
  - Untar the file: tar xf *.tar
  - Consult the documentation for further instructions.  Either print
    out the reference manual in doc/manual/haskell.dvi or look at
    install.verb in the same directory.

New features in this release include:

  * Much better optimization
  * Monadic I/O
  * A general Haskell to Lisp interface
  * An X window interface
  * Strictness annotations and strict data constructors
  * Lots of bugs fixed
  * Improvements to the tutorial and Emacs interface
  * Ported to all major Lisp systems

Sun, 31 Dec 1995 19:16:01 GMT  
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