Parallel Functional Programming book 
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 Parallel Functional Programming book


Research Directions in Parallel Functional Programming

Kevin Hammond and Greg Michaelson (Editors)

Special Features include:

* This is the first comprehensive book available on this subject;
* Contributions have been commissioned from key international researchers
  and practitioners in the area;
* The book combines in-depth foundational material with thorough accounts
  of contemporary research and applications;
* It contains an extensively researched bibliography which will be
  invaluable to anyone researching this and related topics.

This volume provides a state of the art survey of research trends in
parallel functional programming.  The text is divided into three sections. The
first section gives detailed introductions to key issues such as:
foundations, programming constructs, proof, architectures, and implementations.
The second section comprises shorter summaries of research areas which are
either of major current activity, or which promise to provide key
developments in the near future. Topics covered here include:

* coordination languages
* performance monitoring
* data flow programming
* explicit parallelism
* BSP and cost modelling.
* algorithmic skeletons

The third section provides a systematic summary of the applications of
parallel functional programming.

Research Directions in Parallel Functional Programming will be of interest
to researchers, (post)graduate students and practitioners in all relevant


Part I - Fundamentals
Introduction, Foundations, Programming Language Constructs, Proof,
Realisations for Strict Languages, Realisations for Non-Strict Languages

Part II - Current Research Areas
Data Parallelism, Cost Modelling, Shaping Distributions, Performance
Monitoring, Memory Performance of Dataflow Programs, Portability of
Performance in the BSP Model, Algorithmic Skeletons, Coordination Languages,
Parallel and Distributed Programming in Concurrent Clean, Functional Process
Modelling, Validating Programs in Concurrent ML, Explicit Parallelism

Part III - Conclusions
Large Scale Functional Applications, Summary, References, Glossary, Index

November 1999  ISBN: 1-85233-092-9   Softcover   60.00 UK pounds

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