implementing functional languages with combinatory logics 
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 implementing functional languages with combinatory logics

Hello everybody,

During a research project on deviant logics I implemented a parallel
operating graphreduction machine for a lisp like language. I ported this
implementation to Java, so you can see it live on the web:
http://www.*-*-*.com/ :8080/java/owa/jr_qurres?vappletno=4965 .
Full online documentation is available at the same location.
A C++ version is on the way, contact me if you're interested.

Short Introduction:
webLISP is an experimental Implementation of reflective functional
Programming. It contains a very simple Lexer and Parser for a
lambda-calculus language in lisp-syntax. The Lambda terms are compiled to
variablefree Combinator Graphs. The virtual Graph-Reduction-Machine that
reduces the Combinator-graph distinguishes between strict and non-strict
operations. Strict operations have to be evaluated even if we obey lazy
evaluation and can thus be evaluated in parallel to the main computation.
The parallel computations are added to a global task pool, which is
maintained by a stochastic scheduler.

Main Features:
- Lisp-like Syntax, Lisp Interpreter User Interface
- Applet, Standalone and ActiveX Server versions included
- Incremental Compilation to Combinatory Logic Graphs
- Implements lazy evaluation (Normal order reduction)
- The efficient Graph reduction Machine detects strict Operations
   and performs parallel evaluation of the subgraphs
- Full AND/OR-Parallelism like in ParLisp
- Special P-Combinator for defining explicit parallel processes
- Save Printing of circular Expressions
- Interface layer to expose the webLISP virtual machine as an ActiveX Server
or as a JavaBean

Feel free to contact me if you want to comment on this work, have any
question etc.
I'm generally interested in work on implementation techniques for functional
languages, parallel architectures and object oriented systems.
If you know of any resources that might be of interesting for me please let
me know.

best regards,



Fri, 23 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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