Logic Programming an Introductory Programming Paradigm 
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 Logic Programming an Introductory Programming Paradigm

                       Call for Participation

                Logic Programming as an Introductory
                        Programming Paradigm

                Informal Birds-of-a-Feather Session

                Joint International Conference and
                Symposium on Logic Programming '92

                      Tuesday, Nov 10th, 1992
                           6:00PM -- 8:30PM

                  Organizers: J. Reinfelds and G. Gupta

This informal session is  devoted to  discussion on  using  the  logic
programming  paradigm to teach programming to beginners. The  emphasis
is on  teaching  logic  programming (rather than Prolog), and  the aim
is to induce beginners to learn ``declarative thinking." This approach
can be  contrasted with  the functional programming  approach that has
been becoming increasingly popular recently.

The discussion  is open to  all the participants in the conference who
are  invited  to present  their  views on  (but  not  limited  to) the
following issues:

1) Why is  Logic  Programming  a  more  suitable paradigm for teaching
        programming to beginners?
2) Is there a need for  using LP for this purpose, or is FP enough, or
        is some other approach better?
3) How to evaluate the success of such an enterprise?
4) Your  experiences  related  to  using  LP  to  teach programming to

Dissenting views are specially welcome.  

As part of the session  we will  relate our  experience  with using LP
(and a closely co-ordinated  sister course in discrete Math and Logic)
to teach programming to Freshman students  at New Mexico State. Others
are welcome to relate their experiences too.

Please note  that the primary focus of the session will be on teaching
logic programming to beginner programmers. Discussion related to teach-
ing Logic Programming to people other than beginners is not encouraged.

interested in participating. Please indicate in your email if you just
want to attend the session or  whether you  intend to  present a short
position paper too.

Gopal Gupta

New Mexico State University        Ph: +1 (505) 646 6236
Las Cruces, NM 88003-0001          Fax: +1 (505) 646 6218

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