Ada-like "PRIVATE" Types in SML? 
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 Ada-like "PRIVATE" Types in SML?

I don't have _good_ reference material for SML, so here goes:

If I am creating a module with a signature (see example), how can I  
effectively hide the declaration of a datatype referred to in the sig?  
I want to make file_contents_type "private," ala Ada.  Is this even  

Example (pseudo-SML source)

structure MyModule:
        (* How can I do the following in SML?
           datatype file_contents_type is private

        datatype file =
        | opened of {
                     (*some other fields here*)

        (*some other things in the sig here*)
  end =

        (* definition of file_contents_type here *)

        (* rest of definitions *)

Joel F. Klein

B.T.W., why is there so little activity in

Sun, 08 Jan 1995 10:20:53 GMT  
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