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 APL99 Info available

J, one of the dialects of APL, is noted for its 'Tacit" (functional)
programming style.  It is also array-based, like other APL varients, but unlike
many other functional languages.

The 1999 Confernecve on APL and J is scheduled for August 10-14, 1999.  Papers
on J and other functional languages, particularly any attempt to introduce
array orientation into other functional languages, would be welcome.

The confernce is sponsered by ACM SIGAPL and NY/SIGAPL (a local ACM chapter)

Some information about the conference is available on the web site at

An electronic mailing list for information on the plans for APL99 has been

*BODY* of the msg (the subject will be ignored) include the text "Subscribe
APL99-INFO <Your Name>" and nothing else. (ommit the quotes and replace <Your
Name> with your full name, ommitting any angle brackets).  You will be sent a
welcome message and further information as it is available.

APL99 needs speakers, paper reviewers, session chairs, a conference secretary,
and other volunmteers.  To submit a paper, please send email to

We hope to make APL 99 a first rate APL conference.  Please join us. Please
help out.

                 -David E. Siegel

Tue, 30 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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