0.7 - Functional programming in Python 
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I'm pleased to announce the release of version 0.7,
released under the GNU LGPL. can be obtained from:


Release Name: 0.7 provides support for a functional style of python

It includes support for closures, curried functions, many higher-order
functions for composing, joining or otherwise manipulating functions
and other callables.

New in this release:

    All the functors (callable classes) now descend from Functor, a
class which
    provides facilities for masquerading as a function. This allows
things like
    curries and disjoins to be passed to code which expects to be able
    inspect it for things like the names of its arguments, default
values, etc.
    These functors all provide a SimCode instance as their func_code
    which has most of the information that a real code object would
have, which
    helps complete the illusion.

    This release fixes bugs which affected the curry and rcurry
functors. As a
    result, curry and rcurry will now work with any callable, not only
    and methods. This includes *classes* as well, so you can now pass a
    as the first argument to curry, and when the curried function is
    the return value will be a new instance of the class.

    The Lazy and LazyTuple classes, along with related items, have been
    to their own module,

10/18/2000 - Version 0.7:
    Fix for bug in getMinimumArgCount which returned misleading results
    for callables.

    Allow classes as first argument to curry and rcurry.

    All functors now Functor subclasses.

    Removed lazy functionality to

10/12/2000 - Version 0.6:
    Fix for LazyTuples of length zero (thanks to Alex Martelli)
    Added new functions/functors:

10/1/2000 - Initial release 0.5

Bryn Keller

Sun, 06 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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