Nijmegen: 2 Ph.D.Positions on Functional Programming 
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 Nijmegen: 2 Ph.D.Positions on Functional Programming

University Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
Functional Programming

2 positions towards a Ph.D. at the Computing Science Institute (CSI) of
faculty of  Mathematics and Computer Science.

1) Research priority: Software Engineering

Project: The Exploration of Conceptual Information Modelling

Description: Recently, object oriented analysis methods have been
developed for the construction of information systems. These methods
belong to the so-called communication oriented approach to data and
process analysis.
The intention of this project is the further elaboration of process
specification using functional (programming) languages. This will
also be related to the question how information grammars can help to
analyse and (re)organize business processes.
In this project the business community will also be involved. This
allows for a practical validation of theory in a rather early stage.

Requirements: Academic computing scientist with a thorough background in
modelling principles and functional languages, combined with a practical
point of view.

No. of vacancy: 78.

2)  Resarch priority: Computers and Mathematics

Project: Parallel algorithms for Computer Algebra.

Description: Aim of the project is selecting and analysing algorithms in
computer algebra and implementing them on parallel hardware. Speed of
program-development, reliability and efficiency of execution will be
investigated. Along with imperative implementations, realisation in the
functional language Clean (developed at the faculty and being
implemented on
parallel hardware) will get special attention in order to benefit from
elegance, reliability and recent progress in efficient parallel
execution of
functional languages. Another aim is to get experience in complex

Qualifications: Masters degree in mathematics, preferably in the field
computer algebra with affinity to implementation. Or a masters degree in
computer science with skill in implementation and affinity to and good
knowledge of computer algebra.

No. of vacancy: 80.

Conditions of employment:
The employment will be for 4 years. The bruto salary will go up from
fl 2.130,- a month in the first year to fl 3.803,- in the fourth year.
should result in a Ph.D. thesis.

Application: Your written application, with curriculum vitae and
must be sent before July 1 to
Catholic University Nijmegen, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer
Afdeling Personele Zaken, A. Scroder, Toernooiveld 1, 6525 ED Nijmegen,
The Netherlands.

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