*Update* MFPW'92 Proceedings Now Available 
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 *Update* MFPW'92 Proceedings Now Available

The proceedings of MFPW'92 are finally available!

Title:     Proceedings of the Massey Functional Programming Workshop 1992
Edited by: Evan Ireland & Nigel Perry
Publisher: Department of Computer Science, Massey University
ISBN:      0-908665-71-7
Pages:     114

        Profiling Lazy Functional Languages,
           Patrick M. Sansom & Simon L. Peyton Jones
        Incremental Garbage Collection for the Spineless Taglles G-Machine
           Lyndon While & Tony Field
        Upwards and downwards accumulations on trees
           Jeremy Gibbons
        Backwards Context Approximation
           John Farrell
        Strictness Analysis for the Lazy Functional Abstract machine
           Evan Ireland
        Functional Languages Need Existential Types (Slide Discussion)
           Nigel Perry
        Issues in the Implementation of Lazy Functional Languages on
        Distributed Systems with Speculative Evaluation
           Andrew S. Partridge
        Transforming Process Networks
           John Reekie & John Potter
        Implementing Container Classes in Gofer
           James Cone


The Proceedings have been sent to all institutions who have a
reciprocal publication distribution agreement with Massey Computer
Science. Further copies may be ordered from Wendy Browne, Department
of Computer Science, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand

80c (NZ), NZ$3.80 (OZ), NZ$7.60 (Other). Please send payment with
order, cheques made payable to "Massey University".

*** New ***

Sorry, due to the multiple sources of the papers the proceedings are
not available via ftp (though other research papers are, ftp to

Some people contacted concerned over the cost of obtaining a NZ$ cheque
for such a small amount. We've spoken to the University and they will accept:

i) A NZ$ cheque drawn on a NZ Bank.

ii) A cheque in any other currency for the equivalent of the NZ$
amount above, they will not charge extra for processing the cheque.
(I'm tempted to indicate surprise, but I like my job :-))

iii) Visa or MasterCard. You must include the name on the card, its
number and expiry date. If you choose this method you may email or fax
(better choice for the security of your card, email goes through many
machines...)  your order to me (see .signature) if you like.

*** End of Addition ***


We are currently planning to run the second MFPW in January 94, just
before ACSC'17 in Christchurch - so you can attend both. It will be
kept as a *workshop*, i.e. not too big. I hope an announcement will be
made in a few months (after Neil has arrived and he finds out he's
organising it :-))



Department of Computer Science    Tel: +64 6 356 9099 ext 8900
Massey University                 Fax: +64 6 350 5611
Palmerston North
New Zealand

Fri, 15 Dec 1995 10:17:58 GMT  
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