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 finite state machines

Dear Fellow Forthers,

I had attempted to make my JFAR paper to be, "Finite State
Machines in FORTH", available via ftp from .

The format was a .zipped file, FSM_PAP.ZIP containing the files

        FONTS.PRN       100K
        JFAR4.PRN        85K

The .PRN files are LaserJet II or III -formatted images of the printer
fonts and the text. The .BAT file just copies them ( as binary
files) to LPT1: , and there you go. The idea of distributing in this
format was inspired by Tim Hendtlass who put out his book this way,
and by the ubiquitousness of LJII's and III's (and compatibles).

However, I got some replies from people who tried the process and
found a garbled mess when they printed. I ftp'ed the file myself and
found the same!

Owing to severe time pressure, I have only just now been able to
investigate the source of the difficulty. It seems that when
I captured the printer stream to a file using, I
specified too small a buffer. So the data got garbled. Sorry, folks.

I have now re-done the files and tested them to be sure they print
correctly. Everything now seems tickety-boo, so anyone feeling brave
can try them again. The file is FSM_PAP.ZIP and is about 45K long.
Don't forget to ftp in BINARY mode.

As noted earlier, the paper has been completely rewritten for the
reincarnation of JFAR. It now discusses nondeterministic as well
as deterministic FSMs.

This FSM compiler lies at the heart of my FORmula TRANslator,
and has been used by Lloyd Prentice (not Price, as in the acknowledge-
ments!) in games programming.

Julian V. Noble

Sun, 20 Apr 1997 04:18:58 GMT  
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