A question about WinView word CLOSE-TEXT 
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 A question about WinView word CLOSE-TEXT

The first definition works but not the second one. How come?

editor definitions
: BB   [ editor ]  Browse ;      \ This one works
: VP   [ editor ]  close-text ;  \ Says close-text is undefined and yet
                                 \ I can hyper link to it.  why?

Here are the two defs from WinView.

defer close-text  \ maybe it is never resolved, why not?

.DEFERED  should show it but it does not.  However it is used in another
place in the editor as shown here.

: count-1-file  { \ line$ -- }
                search-aborted? ?EXIT
                name-buf count "+open-text
                close-text ;

: browse        ( -<filename>- ) \ BROWSE a particular file

                if      cur-line off
                        0 pocket

                then    $browse ;

John Peters

Thu, 01 Jul 2004 11:14:25 GMT  
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