PD PC Forth systems 
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 PD PC Forth systems

 Date: 12-29-89 (10:32)              Number: 2729 (Echo)
   To: BEN COMBEE                    Refer#: 2726
 From: STEVE PALINCSAR                 Read: NO
 Subj: PD PC Forth systems           Status: PUBLIC MESSAGE

 Ben, if you're looking for a public domain Forth for the PC that has
 more pizzazz than F83, F-PC is your logical choice.  BTW, the most
 recent version of F83 _is_ about a 1984 date.  You can get F-PC from the
 Forth Interest Group or from CH Ting's Offette Enterprises or direct
 from Tom Zimmer, I believe, if you can't find a BBS that has it.
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