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 M4th available via ftp

Hi !

I have recently uploaded M4th (my own Forth-implementation) to
an ftp-server. M4th is a small and simple environment. It does
not comply with any standard, but I don't think that it is too
different from what you are used to.
M4th runs on PC's under MSDOS.

The package I have uploaded includes...

        - the complete source code (Turbo Assembler + M4th)
        - a compiled kernel
        - a screen editor
        - a simple 8086-assembler
        - a hypertext-based help utility with help pages
                for about 300 words
        - an extention to load and interpret ASCII files
        - a decompiler
        ... and much more ...

M4th is free software. Use it, share it, and tell me what
you think about it...

Oh, yes! You can get it via anonymous ftp from:




Sun, 15 Dec 1996 01:58:25 GMT  
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