Waiting on the project to remove the C wrapper? 
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 Waiting on the project to remove the C wrapper?

Do we have to wait for the C wrapper to be removed from Win32Forth
before we can do this project?

The Wined file menu needs to show the list of files in LRU at the
bottom as needed instead of in a random order.

In other words have the most actively edited files remain at the top
of the list.  Much like the way the file menu works in MS windows ME
and XE when you click on  Start - Programs.
You know the window I am talking about.  It is the one that opens as
soon as you click on FILES.  You see a light blue window and there is
a list of choices, and at the bottom of the window there is a list of
files that is maintained across sessions.  The order of this list of
files is not yet will behaved as Bob Smith and others have mentioned.

John Peters

Tue, 12 Apr 2005 12:57:08 GMT  
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