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> I'm intrested in FFT routiens in Forth, is there anyon out
> there that can steer me in the direction, or has a program
> they can give me for FFT's in Forth?

> I'm a High school student who's designed a computer based on
> a 16MHz 68000 using a TMS320C25 DSP ....

> I am using a 32k forth written in October 1983 by Professor
> Ken  Manti of CSUSB for fig-Forth...I't the only program I've
> ever run  accross for Forth

I wrote an FFT program in MacForth Plus (for the Macintosh).
I wrote it first in Forth, then coded the critical sections
in assembler.  I haven't looked at it for a while, but if you
like, I can dig it out and post it.  At least I think I still
have the Forth-only version.  I might also have the (Forth or
coded; I'm not sure) versions for radix-2 and radix-4 versions
(the latter is faster).  Let me know if that would help.

> I've written 8 letters on this sub, and never gotten a responce.

One problem is that you don't have an internet address, which
makes it difficult to reply by e-mail.  I try not to use the
public message system for handling what should be e-mail.  If
you had an internet address, I'd have replied the first time
I saw your message.


Fri, 20 Oct 1995 03:37:42 GMT  
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