UNIX vs. MS-DOS Forth 
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 UNIX vs. MS-DOS Forth

In my experience, there is no Forth that is easily compatible/portable
between the MS-DOS and UNIX world.  I would like to know of such a beast
if it exists.

Under UNIX, there seems to be a woeful lack of good Forth interpreters.
Allan Pratt wrote one called C-Forth.  I have played with it a bit.  It
is buggy as supplied.  The disk I/O does not work under System V.  If you
have some experience with Forth interpreters it isn't too hard to fix up.

Mitch Bradley has a Forth interpreter that is purported to be very good.
I have never used it.  It is written for Suns and has very impressive I/O
support.  I understand that it can be booted on a Sun stand-alone and used
to manipulate everything from the graphics to the Ethernet port.  I re-
iterate that this is hearsay and I haven't seen for myself.  

A long time ago, I played with a UNIX Forth written by Micheal MacNeil
for Version 7.  It was on a PDP-11/70 at UC Berkeley.  It even had an
on-line man page.  It had a string stack and access to the version 7
system calls.  It was pretty spiffy.  Does anyone know where there
is a listing of this Forth?

I would like to kick around some ideas about a Forth system whose
purpose would be to provide large machine users with a portable, standard,
useable development environment.  Here's where I start:

32-bit Forth
Written in C (because it's ubiquitous in the environments I care about)
String package
Floating point package
File I/O package
Rich set of primitives
Access to C library system calls (fork() etc)

Marc de Groot (KG6KF)                   These ARE my employer's opinions!
Noe Systems, San Francisco
UUCP: uunet!hoptoad!noe!marc

Thu, 17 Dec 1992 23:06:00 GMT  
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