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 Forth Scientific Library status

   Status of the Forth Scientific Library Project  31 July 1995


   distributed to all the participants listed above.

   Code contributions:

   Reviewed and accepted:
   (reviewed code is available via anonymous FTP at or via WWW at
    http://www.*-*-*.com/ )

   1. Real Exponential Integral (ACM #20)                    Skip Carter
   2. Complete Elliptic Integral (ACM #149)                  Skip Carter
   3. Polynomial evaluation by the Horner method             Skip Carter
   4. Logistic function and its first derivative             Skip Carter
   5. Cube root of real number by Newton's method            Julian Noble
   6. Solution of cubic equations with real coefficients     Julian Noble
   7. Regula Falsi root finder                               Julian Noble
   8. Fast Hartley (Bracewell) Transform                     Skip Carter
      (with supplemental utilities and tests by Marcel Hendrix)
   9. Aitken Interpolation (ACM #70)                          Skip Carter
  10. Hermite Interpolation (ACM #211)                        Skip Carter
  11. Lagrange Interpolation (ACM #210)                       Skip Carter
  12. Forward and Backward divided differences                Skip Carter
  13. Newton Interpolation with Divided differences (ACM 168 & 169) Skip Carter
  14. Factorial                                               Skip Carter
  15. Shell sort for floating point arrays                    Charles Montgomery
  16. Exponentiation of a series  (ACM # 158)                 Skip Carter
  17. Polynomial and Rational function interpolation and extrapolation
                                                              Marcel Hendrix
  18. The Gamma, LogGamma and reciprocal Gamma functions      Skip Carter
  19. Adaptive Integration using Trapezoid rule               Julian Noble
  20. Parabolic Cylinder functions and related Confluent Hypergeometric functions
                                                              Skip Carter
  21. Special Polynomial (Chebyshev, Hermite, Laguerre, Generalized Laguerre,
                       Legendre and Bessel) Evaluation       Skip Carter
  22. Conversion between calendar date and Julian day (ACM 199) Skip Carter
  23. R250  (also minimal standard) Pseudo-random number generator    Skip Carter
  24. RAN4 Pseudo-random number generator                     Gordon Charlton
  25. Finite segment of Hilbert Matrices, their inverses and determinants
                                                             Skip Carter
  26. FIND nth element of an unsorted array (ACM #65)        Skip Carter
  27. Gauss-Legendre Integration                             Skip Carter
  28. Complete Elliptic Integral of the first kind
      and second kind (ACM #55 and #56)                     Skip Carter
  29. 4th order and adaptive Runge-Kutta solvers for systems of ODEs
                                                            Skip Carter
  30. Complete Elliptic Integrals of 1st and 2nd kinds (ACM #165)  Skip Carter
  31. Telescope 1 (ACM 37) (reduction of degree of polynomial approximations)
             Skip Carter
  32. Telescope 2 (ACM 38)                                      Skip Carter
  33. LUFACT, LU Factorization of square matrices               Skip Carter
  34. Determinant of an LU factored matrix                      Skip Carter
  35. Back-substitution solution for LU factored linear systems Skip Carter
  36. Inverse of an LU factored matrix                          Skip Carter
  37. Four methods for Direct Fourier Transforms                Skip Carter
  38. Radix-2 Fast Fourier Transform routines                   Skip Carter
      (5 versions one, two, and three butterflies, tabular, non-tabular)
  39. Singular Value Decomposition                              Marcel Hendrix

   Currently being reviewed:

   Rootfinder (ACM #2)                                       Skip Carter
   Stochastic Differential Equation solver (scalar version)  Skip Carter
   Box-Muller transformation (polar form)                    Skip Carter
   Quadratic Equation solver                                 Skip Carter
   Fast Walsh Transform                                      Skip Carter
   Tridiagonal solver, using the Thomas algorithm            Skip Carter
   First derivative of a function by Richardson extrapolation Skip Carter
   Regular spherical Bessel functions jn(x), n=0-9           Julian Noble
   Reversion of Series (ACM # 193)                           Skip Carter

   Contributed but not reviewed:

   Quasi-Random number generation                            Skip Carter
   Monte Carlo Row inverse (ACM 166) and related algorithms  Skip Carter
   Coefficient Determination (ratio of polynomials) (ACM# 131) Skip Carter
   Weibull PDF and Weibull Random variables                  Skip Carter
   Linear and Circular (discrete) Convolution                Skip Carter
   Complex math operations (magnitude, power, multiplication and division)
                                                             Skip Carter
   Polynomial transformer (ACM #29)                          Skip Carter
   Jacobian elliptic functions                               Skip Carter
   Nonlinear transformation of series (SHANKS) (ACM #215)    Skip Carter
   Solution of linear Fredholm equation of the second kind   Skip Carter
   Solution of a set of Volterra equations of the second kind Skip Carter
   Square root of a square symmetric matrix                  Skip Carter
   Adjustment of Matrix inverse when an element is perturbed (ACM #51) Skip Carter
   Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of a real symmetric matrix   Skip Carter
   Basic arithmetic and conversions for rational numbers     Gordon Charlton
   Permutations and Combinations                             Gordon Charlton
   16-bit Cyclic Redundancy Checksums                        Gordon Charlton
   Gauss-Seidel iteration solution to linear systems         Skip Carter
   Gauss probability function                                Skip Carter
   Solution of banded linear systems                         Skip Carter
   Tools to use polynomial interpolation with a large table  Marcel Hendrix
   Basic statistics of a floating point array                Skip Carter
   Simulated Annealing using Cauchy cooling                  Skip Carter
   (weighted) least-squares projection onto orthogonal polynomials Skip Carter
   Rosenbrock ODE solver for stiff systems of ODEs           Marcel Hendrix
   Simpsons rule and Romberg algorithm Quadrature routines   Marcel Hendrix
   Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear fit                         Marcel Hendrix
   Amoeba -- Multidimensional Simplex minimization of a function     Marcel Hendrix

 Everett (Skip) Carter        Phone:  408-656-3318 FAX: 408-656-2712

 Dept. of Oceanography, Code OC/CR  UUCP:     ...!uunet!taygeta!skip
 Monterey, CA. 93943      WWW: http://www.*-*-*.com/

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