Mops 2.3 bug fixed 
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 Mops 2.3 bug fixed

To all Mops users:

A bug was reported to me which turned out to be rather a {*filter*}
one, that is if you want to install an application.  Under
Mops 2.3 the application won't run properly under system 7
(machine registers A6 and A7 are the wrong way around).

I have produced a fixed nucleus, which is on Compu$erve and
should also be available very shortly (if not already) at the
ftp site (

If you have the full Mops 2.3 release, you don't need to
re-download the whole thing, since only the nucleus has
changed.  You can just get the fixed nucleus and recompile
the system above the nucleus (the nuc offsets have changed,
so you do definitely have to recompile).

If you aren't interested in installing applications at this
stage, the bug won't affect you, so don't worry about it.

If you have the binary-only release, you probably won't be
installing applications anyhow.

Apologies for the bug (there, how many software developers do
that?) -- but at least it's fixed now.

While I'm here, Bob Loewenstein pointed out to me a couple of
places where I still have "Yerk" in the manual instead of "Mops".
(The manual was originally the Yerk manual).  These places are near
the start of part 2.  Just read "Mops" for "Yerk", and "Mops.dic"
for "".

Cheers,  Mike.


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Sun, 15 Oct 1995 05:44:08 GMT  
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