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 FS: 4 Forth Programming Books

I have 4 books on Forth Programming and Tools
for the Beginner or Intermediate programmer.
Make me an offer to take all.
Originaly $80.00 new for all.
All are in extra fine condition with little wear.
ship book rate from USA zip 94501 to anywhere
Buyer pays all shipping and only Paypal
or Money Order, Cashiers Check / No Personal Checks

1. Forth Tools and Applications
by  Gary Feierbach and Paul Thomas 1985

2. Starting Forth
by Leo Brodie Forth, Inc.1981

3. Forth Programming
by Leo Scanlon 1983 1st ed 2nd printing
Blackburg Continuing Education Series 22007

4. Forth An Applications Approach
by David L. Toppen 1985

Thank you,

Thu, 23 Jun 2005 11:05:11 GMT  
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