Desperately seeking GraForth 
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 Desperately seeking GraForth

 Yes... unfortunate but true....
   *I* too have been looking for "InSoft Inc." Paul Lotus' company
name for GraForth.    happen to be one that has BOTH the basic
system and the Manual for the GraForth system for the Apple][, but
what I *really* need is the kernal for the IBM. (And Apple ][
emulators don't make it! I've TRIED them!) Someday, I tell's myself,
I gotta decomplie that code... but then, there's F-PC of VGA magic
fame, which seems to be fast enough for anyone....
   My personal *SINGLE* complaint of GraForth -- ALL 3-D IMAGES were
saved as 256x256 arrays, rotated thru 256 increments for circles
(NOT DEGREES!) and though you can size/resize them (all 15 of them!
another scream in the dark!) in all three Axis, they were limit in
resolution. Otherwise, I'd say the package was WELL-WORTH the sales
price, and I'm sorry that Paul found the market so unfloatable for
his product.  "tis a pitty perhaps, but he offered something before
its time, as have many original thinkers....

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Sat, 21 Oct 1995 17:08:00 GMT  
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