Mops AppleEvent bug fix 
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 Mops AppleEvent bug fix

Due to an overwhelming number of requests (well all right, there was one),
here's the patch to fix the AppleEvents bug in Mops.

First, a warning:  Don't do this patch then save the patched nucleus.
I first thought that might work, but it doesn't.  It only works in
installed applications.  AppleEvents work OK in the Mops development
environment as it is -- you only need this patch to make installed
applications work with AppleEvents.

So when you're ready to install an application, do the patch, then
install.  Make absolutely sure you click "install" in the dialog,
NOT "save".  Maybe you'd better save a copy of the nucleus off on a
floppy first, anyway!

Also, I don't think this will work *except* under System 7.  It might,
or it mightn't.  I haven't checked it.

OK, here goes.  Type:

4e714e71 dup
lobase 9a0e -  !
lobase 98f0 -  !

That's it.  Assembly hackers will recognize 4e714e71 as two NOP's
-- I'm wiping out a BRA and a BSR.  Good luck!

--  Mike.


Wed, 26 Apr 1995 11:05:36 GMT  
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