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Message 101       Mon Apr 26, 1993
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 I ordered your book "Forth: The New Model" two weeks ago and
 received it last Friday.  The two people I have showed it to
 sofar didn't want to give it back, so it's probably going to be
 a big success for you!

 The cover is nice. It is definitely about time somebody
 resurrected Forth from the grave :-)

 It is a pleasant surprise Martin Tracy's ZEN is coming with the
 book. I am a bit puzzled though about the difference between the
 next two phrases:

    CREATE foo  0 ,   foo U.  ( prints 136)
    VARIABLE bar      bar U.  ( prints 2B45)

 Marcel Hendrix, Dutch Forth Workshop.

 PS: You mention on page 7 that
   "it is very likely verging on certain that not a single
    Standard System will implement every word in the Standard."
 I can assure you that at this moment at least two systems exist
 that try to implement every last word in de d-p-ANS (DFW's
 transputer and i386/486 Forths). It remains to be seen of
 course, if we are allowed to call them "Standard System."

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