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 Program Flow Control Structures

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Message 23        Mon Mar 15, 1993
E.RATHER [Elizabeth R]       at 21:09 EST

RE origins of the "control flow stack":  JAX's recent post was right in
identintifying it as a conceptual model to describe what goes on during
compilation of control structures to permit conceptually explicit
specifications without mandating an implementation model (which use of a
specified data or return stack would).

I believe that idea actually originated with Wil Baden in some FORML papers in
the mid 80's.  The 83 standard attempted to specify the permissable pairings
of words (e.g., BEGIN ... UNTIL/AGAIN/WHILE). Wil's contribution was in
realizing that if you use the concept of the control flow stack, you can
specify words independently and thus permit great flexibility in pairing not
only standard words but also user-defined words created using POSTPONE, etc.
X3J14 adopted this strategy, though not precisely in Wil's form.
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