until251.zip - Forth written in very portable C 
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 until251.zip - Forth written in very portable C

I have uploaded to SimTel, the Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm),
(available by anonymous ftp from the primary mirror site ftp.coast.net
and the secondary mirrors of SimTel):


until251.zip    Forth written in very portable C

Until v2.5.1 is a very portable Forth implementation written in ANS C.
Its internals are described in "Write Your Own Programming Language Using
C++", ISBN # 1-55622-264-5.

I use Until as a scripting language for SGML applications at the moment.
It has many features, such as a string search and replace word set, null
terminated strings (useful with C strings), and the C I/O and string
libraries, that make it very comfortable for developing text processing

Changes to v2.5.1 include:

 - Updated documentation. The printed doc is now over 175 pages.
 - C-level I/O redirection code
 - added error checking for all malloc() calls
 - backslash quoted C-style characters in " ..." string constants
 - new words include getenv, case, and printf
 - the S-Engine SGML document interpreter
 - a minimal floating point word set
 - the string search and replace word set is now fully implemented

The distribution contains full C source code that is very portable.  It
compiles on several other platforms in addition to MS-DOS.  The MS-DOS
version of Until does not require a DOS extender; it will run on PCs as
minimal as HP-95LXs.

until251.zip has replaced until22.zip.

Uploaded by the author.

Norm Smith

Thu, 15 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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