1988 Rochester Forth Conference 
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 1988 Rochester Forth Conference

For those who haven't heard yet, the 1988 Rochester Forth Conference
is June 14-18 at the University of Rochester.

The conference topic is programming environments, but of course
there will be a wide range of talks given on Forth hardware and software.

A special event will be a one-day seminar on the newly released
Harris RTX-2000 on Tuesday June 14th.

This is not an "official" posting, I just received an information package
and thought I'd pass it along.

For more information, contact Larry Forsley at (716) 328-6426
  (Institute for Applied Forth Research Inc., 70 Elmwood Ave.,
          Rochester NY 14611)

Phil Koopman

Sat, 17 Oct 1992 18:48:00 GMT  
 1988 Rochester Forth Conference

                       1988 Rochester Forth Conference
                             June 14 - 18, 1988
                           University of Rochester
                              Rochester, N.Y.

Theme: Programming Environments
     The Eighth Rochester Forth Conference is held in coopperation with
the Laboratory for Laser Energetics of the College of Engineering and
Applied Science of the University of Rochester, the IEEE Computer Society,
and the Institute for Applied Forth Research, Inc.  Corporate sponsors
include Harris Semiconductor and Hewlett-Packard Corporation.

     The Conference focus is on Programming Environments.  Unlike other
programming systems, both the system designer and the end user of Forth-
based environments may use similar, if not identical, programming tools.
Exploring this novel paradigm are the following invited speakers:

Invited Speakers
    Mr. Mitch Bradley, Sun Microsystems, Mountain View, CA,
    Forth's Role in the UNIX Workstation Environment
         This talk will cover Forth's use at Sun for engineering
         and manufacturing diagnostics, UNIX kernel dubugging and
         as a machine independent language for device drivers
         supporting 680x0, 386, and SPARC-based architectures

    Messrs. Cliff Click and Paul Snow, of CPTM, Inc., Byron, Texas,
    A Survery of Programming Environments for Embedded Systems
         This survey examines environments based upon C, ADA, Forth
         and Fifth; looks at hardware and software requirements, cost
         effectiveness, and productivity; and discusses the development
         of a commercially available postscript interpreter.

    Mr. Jim Dowe, Excalibur Technologies, Inc., Albuquerque, NM, and
    Mr. Toshi Arai, NIS, Tokyo, Japan,
    TICOL: A Development Tool for 5th Generation Programming Environments
         The authors' will describe TICOL, which accepts natural lanuage
         input for developing and maintaining a Fifth Generation program
         development environment on Fujitsu computers ranging from 32 bit
         workstations to mainframes.

    Dr. Bill Forrest, Univ. of Rochester, Rochester, NY,
    Infrared Image Acquisition and Analysis in Forth
         The control and operation of an infrared camera using a 32x32
         cooled InSb CCD array interfaced to a DEC LSI 11 computer will
         be discussed.  Research results, including images of the galactic
         center and Comet Halley, will be presented.

    Dr. Norman Margolus, MIT, Cambridge, MA,
    Cellular Automate Machines: A New Environment for Modelling
         A Forth-based system supporting an IBM-PC compatible hardware
         lookup processor used to simulate cellular automata will be
         demonstrated and implementation tradeoffs will be discussed.

    Ms. Sue Semancik and Mr. David Smith, ASYST Software Technology,
    Inc., Rochester, NY,
    ASYST: A Structured Interactive Environment for Scientists and Engineers
         This product will be viewed both from the end-user's programming
         perspective and from the designer's view of the de{*filter*}, code
         optimizer, and language interface tools.

    Dr. William Wickes, Hewlett-Packard, Corvallis, OR,
    RPL: A Mathematics Control Language
         RPL, derived from Forth and LISP, is used on all HP handheld
         calculators with at least 64 K-bytes of firmware.  This talk
         will discuss its use and design including symbolic operations
         and the manipulation of multiple data types.

Other Presentations
     In addition to our invited speakers, there will be platform and poster
sessions from 50 other practioners of Forth, and Forth-derived systems
describing a spectrum of applications and implementations.

Harris RTX Seminar
     The Conference will be preceeded by a 1 day seminar, June 14th, by
Harris Semiconductor on their newly announced, FORTH-based, Real Time
Express product family, including tutorials, hands-oon demonstrations, and
a "Real Time Party."  [Special rates for Conference attendees.]

     The registration fee and conference services includes all sessions,
meals, and the Conference papers.  Lodging is available at local motels
On in the UR dormitories.  Registration will be from 3-11p.m. on Tuesday,
June 14th in Wilson Commons, and from 8a.m. Wednesday, June 15th in Hoyt
Hall.  There is an hourly shuttle to the airport during registration and
checkout.  Sessions will be held in Hoyt Hall, and the open day will be
in Wilson Commons.
[Sample Form]
Telephone (    )______________________
Travel details (carrier, #, time) ____

Registration fee:               ______
 _  $200
 _  $150 Univ. Roch staff and
      IEEE Computer Society
 ____________IEEE Number
 _  $50  Student
 _  vegetarian meal option

Conference Services             _$175_

Dormitory Housing, 5 nights:    ______
  _ $125 Single
  _ $100 Double (per person)
  _ Non-smoking roommate
  _ 5K run

Harris Seminar                  ______
  _ $90 for Conference attendee
  _ $150 non-Conference
  _ Dormitory room, 1 night
      $25/single  $20 double

Amount Enclosed                 $_____

   Please make a check payable to the "Rochester Forth Conference", or
   use your MasterCard or VISA number.

   Contact the Rochester Forth Conference, 70 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester,
   Ny 14611 USA, or call (716) 328-6426, or (716) 235-0168

Open Day
     Exhibits, Tutorials and Demonstrations
     10:00A.M. - 5 P.M. June 18th, 1988

     Saturday, June 18th will be an open day for the Conference, intended
     to give users and newcomers to Forth a chance to become better
     acquainted with what Forth is and how it is used.  Vendors from
     around the world will demonstrate their products and present many
     of them for sale.  Panels and tutorials by the invited speakers and
     other Forth developers will be held.  This is an excellent opportunity
     to followup discussions with our speakers in person.

     There will also be a variety of Forth systems for hands-on use.

Conference Chairman
     Lawrence P. Forsley has chaired the Rochester Forth Conferences for
     the past eight years. He is a research engineer at the Laboratory for
     Laser Energetics and is director of the Institute for Applied Forth
     Research, Inc.  His goal in organizing the Conferences is to make the
     finest work in Forth available to a larger Community.

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