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 ISO Standard Approved


>: >> I have just had the results of the Forth fast-track DIS ballot.  16 in
>: >>favour
>: >> (two with comments, NL and UK), 8 abstentions (most of them SC22
>: >> P-members!), none against.  Forth therefore passes fast-track ballot.

>I assume DIS is Draft International Standard.
>Does that mean Forth will soon be worldwide standardized?


>And what time do you think "soon" is, please? 1 or 2 years, I guess.

Who knows!!  I gather the comments are editorial (not technical) in nature,
and are being sent to John Rible, our document editor.  He will have to
make the changes and I'm not sure what all we have to do then; submit to a
letter ballot, I suppose.  We should also consider whether to factor in the
results of the several "requests for information" that we have acted on as
additional appendices.

>Are there public documents, preferrably accessible via Internet, if
>anything is changed wrt. ANS Forth?

Nothing is changed yet.  We still don't have these comments!

>What ISO number will be assigned?

Sorry, no idea!  Will keep you all posted.


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Sat, 02 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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