A solution for words which must have two behaviours (state smart) ! 
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 A solution for words which must have two behaviours (state smart) !

\ The following example implements a method for handling a lot state
\ problems and the name is FLYER. I think it will work on most ANSI
\ without rewriting. Non ANSI systems should add MARKER POSTPONE  S"
\ and VALUE or change this source to use their own compatible
\ I am aware of the fact that >R and R> could not work on all systems,
\ take care and keep on thinking ;-)

\ Test flyer from Albert Nijhof, version 2


\ Documentation: Flyer version 2.00
\ The original code was designed by Albert Nijhof, you could contact
\ him thru the dutch FIG chapter if you want to use his code commercial.
\ It is written according the ANSI X3.215-1994 standard paper.
\ With this code one could further eliminate the use of state in Forth.
\ It is a small contribution to the discussion about STATE and S"
\ Most immediate words can be written with a compile time action only.
\ The use of FLYER in such a definition allows use while interpreting.
\ You can use FLYER in all definitions, which must have a compile and
\ interpret action. For example 'TO'. With FLYER you only have to write
\ it's compile time behaviour, FLYER takes care of the rest. It also
\ a handy rotating buffer for interpreting 'S"' automaticly. As you will
\ notice FLYER will also handle ." for you, and it will work with your
\ own definitions which must also have a compile and interpret
\ In the routine COLD, BARRIER and FHERE should be initialized. In QUIT
\ must be checked if HERESWAP is executed. If this is not already done
\ HERESWAP must be executed at once. The extra QUIT code follows here:
\ Have fun.
\ Willem Ouwerkerk, chairman of the Dutch FIG chapter.

\ Do a coroutine call (call the calling definition). DIVE does a swap
\ on return addresses. In the case of the example showed at the end
\ of the code '."' Because DIVE is used in FLYER, it first returns to
\ finish the definition of '."' and then finishes the definition of
\ FLYER restoring the normal dictionary and executing the compiled
\ code in the HIDDEN buffer. The sequence 'R> R> SWAP' can on some
\ systems be replaced by '2R>'. This routine could be different for
\ your system, so take care !!
\ NOTE1: The word FLYER itself does also have a dangerous line, where
\        the fly code is pushed to the resturnstack.
\        HERE R>  SWAP >R >R             \ Yes, this piece of code !!!
\ NOTE2: This code needs a change also if you are working with a Forth
\        system that uses a separate segment for high level code.

: DIVE          ( -- )
    R>                                  \ Pop return address to calling
    R>                                  \ Pop return address of previous
    SWAP                                \ Address of calling def. on top
    >R                                  \ Push this address and
    >R                                  \ address of previous def.
    ;                                   \ Return to previous definition,
                                        \ instead of calling definition.

\ The FLYER routines

0 VALUE FHERE                           \ Fly HERE
0 VALUE FLY?                            \ Am I flying
0 VALUE BARRIER                         \ Begin of circulair flyer

$100 CONSTANT FLY-BUFFER                \ Length of flyer buffer

: CIRCULAR      ( -- )
  FHERE  BARRIER  DUP FLY-BUFFER +      \ Flyer-here and address window
  WITHIN IF  EXIT  THEN                 \ Ready if FHERE is within
  BARRIER  TO FHERE                     \ No, set FHERE back to barrier.

: HERESWAP      ( -- )
  FHERE  HERE  DUP TO FHERE  - ALLOT    \ Swap between both dictionary's
  FLY? 0= TO FLY?                       \ Toggle Flyer flag

: FLYER         ( -- )

  CIRCULAR  HERESWAP                    \ Swap to flyer dictionary.
  HERE R>  SWAP >R >R                   \ Push start of 'flying'
  ]  DIVE  POSTPONE EXIT  POSTPONE [    \ Compile temporary definition,
  HERESWAP                              \ back to normal dictionary

\ Initialize flyer pointers

HERE $2000 +                            \ Define a buffer at BARRIER
  DUP TO BARRIER                        \ and initialize
      TO FHERE                          \ BARRIER and FHERE

\ Test flyer with ." definition

: ."  FLYER  POSTPONE ." ; IMMEDIATE    \ Redefined vsn could also be
                                        \ when interpreting.
: S"  FLYER  POSTPONE S" ; IMMEDIATE    \ CORE 'S"' is one with only an
                                        \ action at compiletime, this is
                                        \ the change for the version in
                                        \ file wordset.

CR ." Hey, FLYER is working !!"         \ As you will notice.

    For more information about the  Dutch Forth Users Group,
    orders, 8052-ANS-Forth, ByteForth for AT89x051, Hardware
    course, Bamboe and the 'Egel project.
    Phone: (+31)(0)26 4431305 (voice) or reply with an E-mail.

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