FORTH for Windows 95 and NT's assembler 
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 FORTH for Windows 95 and NT's assembler

I have received a few requests for my assembler via e-mail.  In addition to
replying to the individuals in question, I am also posting this so that
anyone who is interested may aquire a copy.

First, I believe that fig is distributing Tom and Andrew's FORTH system,
and this distribution includes the assembler.  I haven't released an
update since version 1.1, so the fig disk is up to date as far as that goes.
( For the squeemish, there is a shameless plug coming up ).  Tom and Andrew
did an incredible job in making Windows a nice place to program, and they
wrote a very nice, very big ( a la FPC ) FORTH system.  I would strongly
suggest that you get a copy of their system, and I would strongly suggest
that you send Tom whatever donation you can afford so that he continues to
upgrade and improve it.

Second, if you don't want the FORTH system, or you have an old version of
the FORTH system and just want the latest assembler, you can send me a check
for US $25 ( to: Jim Schneider, 1251 Sundown Lane, San Jose, CA 95127 ) and
I will send the latest version to you ( IBM PC format, 3.5" ).

Third, although I thought I had fixed all of the bugs by version 1.0f,
apparently, there were a few bugs in the floating point instructions that
slipped by me.  I am working on killing them now, and I am also making a
few minor changes so that the system is more easily portable.  When I am
done, I will release version 1.2.  Anyone who sends me a check now will
get version 1.2 when it is done, in addition to version 1.1.

Fourth ( forth? ), although I don't where, I'm sure that the assembler
exists at some anonymous ftp site.  In addition, when I get around to it,
I'm planning on tarring, compressing, uuencoding, and posting the whole damn

Wed, 30 Jul 1997 10:08:47 GMT  
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