JED: the FORTH EMACS you've been waiting for 
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 JED: the FORTH EMACS you've been waiting for


I remember a while ago there was a discussion here about
having a version of emacs which used FORTH instead of lisp
as extension language. If you are still interested, you
might do well to take a look on JED. It's available for ftp

Jed feels like emacs, but it's extension language (called
s-lang for stack-language) feels a lot like a dialect of
FORTH. It's interactive and really powerful.

What's also very nice, JED is MUCHO smaller than the real

The current version is 0.91. It's still in development, but
it's stable. Documentation is still incomplete. There isn't,
of course, the wealth of packages that are available for
emacs, yet, but i think you can do anything with JED that
you can with emacs. And it's free. It compiles under
messydos, unix and vms. I've tried it under messydos and
unix, and both versions work very well.


P.S.: this is just an unsollicited plug.

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flutist and computer hacker

Tue, 05 Dec 1995 02:27:49 GMT  
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