It's primitive; it's dumb (Oh. NEVER MIND!) 
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 It's primitive; it's dumb (Oh. NEVER MIND!)

Hey Frank,
Why are you flapping yer ears so much?
Blows like you got an elefant size ears?
You may just take off like a helicopter.

The message headers are just multiplying by themselves.

Some red light went off?

What are you huffing and puffing here?
Whats on yer chest, franky?

Say it.
You never know.
Magic may happen
even to you.

You think there is no hope?

Ok, just get to it dude.
Have mercy.
You almost sucked in my keyboard.

You got a problem with this dude, making kewl pictures
of "how it werks"?
Are you jealous of a little dude like that
with all yer royal degrees? Why would a royal dude like
you get upset with a crazy forth maniac?

and what if he is trying to make a name for himself,
and behaves in a pretty rational manner to "achieve his goal"?
Who knows,
he may even suck one day better than willy da sucking gates?

And whatcha gonna do then?
Cry and weep?

Cause you are great and he gets all the greebacks?

Why don't you make better pictures?

I'd love to see some.

But you see, his pictures are better than yours.
Cause they are kewl.
You know, techno style.
Your stuff prolly sux real bad.

He writes forth, which is kewl also.
Forth is a religion, it is not just some dinky language.

So, what he does it the "in" thing, and what you do,
is the "out" thing.

You must feel jealous.
Else it simply does not reconcile.

Or yer landlord raised the rent by 30 percent in one month?
Don't get upset. That the way they suck nowadays.
No more limits.
And even that sucky morality did not werk out as advertize,
cause the way they suck now,
is like never before.

Looks like we are getting into this final sucking frenzy.
The must begin real zoon now.


>>Actually, and I should have been clearer, when I asked for "opinions
>>this", I meant opinions on the Forth program, not on the whole

>>>>> http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~mentifex/aisource.html Mind.Forth Robot PD AI
>>>>>is nearing a 28th major Web release and meanwhile has been upload-
>>>>>ed to the #43 "Programming" Files area of the Amiga-only Gramma's
>>>>>BBS near Seattle WA USA at U.S. Tel. 425-744-1254 as shown here:

>>>>>Browsing the Programming library backwards from latest file.

>>>>>   File: 11352 KeyWords: Mind.Forth 25jun1999 Release 27+
>>>>>Name: mind4th.lha      Size: 12912 bytes   Downloads: 0
>>>>>From: ARTHUR_T_MURRAY  Date: 25 Jun 1999 10:06AM  Lib: Programming

>>Sorry <sheepish grin>

>>-- Agent

Fri, 06 Feb 2004 02:00:51 GMT  
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